ULF Viking ring from Galloway hoard – sterling silver (925)


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ULF – Viking ring from Galloway Hoard

The pattern of this piece comes from bracelets discovered in Scotland’s Galloway region by a metal detectorist. The hoard was buried in a richly decorated metal vessel

According to the archaeologists Galloway hoard dates to the early 10th century. They based the opinion on the style of the silver armbands and other objects in the trove

The bracelet made on the basis of the same find is also available in the shop

The ring is made of solid sterling silver (925)

Weight: 6,5 – 6,7 g


inner diameter 19,5 mm / 0.77 in

width: 10 mm / 0.4 in

The ring size is adjustable – size 9 (US) is the smallest possible, size 10 (US) will have a 2 mm gap between the edges of the ring

The rings is packed in a metal gift box

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