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If you are a Viking, you are in a good place!

– RUaViking Workshop –

is a one person workshop creating history inspired designer jewelry

That particular person (that is me – Ania) is the only creator, designer, sculpturer, quality controler, tester, photographer, customer service and helpless optimist here. RUaViking is a passion, joy and best friend. The selection of my jewelry draws inspiration from museum collections of Viking, Slav and late medieval items. Some of the items were made for good friends, some as special orders and some for the joy of creating.

Polish rainy or snowy weather for the most part of the year, working full time as HR… who wouldn’t start making Viking jewelry in those circumstances?

I did (in 2014)… I was carving my first beard bead (Thor) in wax for more than thirty days with my face glued to magnifying glass. After I finished carving I got close to heart and mind explosion waiting for the first castings… and still this beard bead is my favourite. I won’t forget the feeling of utter and insane satisfaction after finishing that first little shiny bead. 

RUaVIKING jewelry is designed and destined for people with passion


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